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Since moving into our home four years ago, we’ve become regular recipients of our next door neighbor’s mail. There isn’t a month where I don’t have to bring them the wrongly delivered post. Yesterday, as I walked from their house after making yet another delivery, it occurred to me: they have never come to our place to deliver any misdirected mail. What are the odds that the post office always mixes up the mail into our locked box but never the other way around? Have they been throwing out our mail? Hmmm.

A man recently complained on Reddit that his wife wanted to stop breastfeeding their six-month-old son. He thought that it was very selfish of her. After all, the milk she was making was free and formula isn’t. He added that since stopping was her choice, she should personally pay for the formula. As expected, people soundly disagreed with him. Hmmm. I doubt the wife will want to have another child with this gem of a guy, wouldn’t you agree?

Burrito blanket? Or Shroud of Turin? Or a wrapped dead body found a forest? Hmmm.

An appeals court in Australia has ruled against a man who was suing his former employer for constantly farting at him. ??? The court ruled that farting at an employee does not constitute bullying. ??? WTF?

Finally, I just heard about a unisex perfume with a unique scent. It smells of semen (as well as notes of sweat, saliva, and blood). It’s called Secretions Magnifiques. Apparently, the pheromones are supposed to attract men. So, does that confirm that most men are in love with themselves? Hmmm.

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