Thea Lambert

A little romance, a few laughs. It's all good.


                             Thea writes romance novels with heart and humor. She grew up on the East coast and then spent many years on the West coast. Now living in the “Middle” of the country, she is mesmerized by the thunder and lightning storms, loves the spectacular sunsets, and is regularly dodging the suicidal birds. When not writing or reading, she enjoys watching Grantchester, The Split, and Impractical Jokers (“Larry!”).  She regularly fights her black lab, Molly, for supremacy of the couch.


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Coming soon...

The fourth book in the Mouthwatering series, Perfect Pairing, will be out this fall.

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Out Now!

The third installment of the Mouthwatering series; Just Desserts; now available on Amazon.

The novel that started it all...

Check out Food Fight! on Amazon.