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A little romance, a few laughs. It's all good.

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She needs a fresh start. He has a cash-flow problem. When a new millionaire and a reluctant aristocrat team up, can their hearts learn to beat as one?  

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Food Fight!

Mouthwatering Series

She’s got something to prove. He’s got everything to lose. When the kitchen gets heated, can two enemies whip up romance?

Sex_on_a_Plate_Kindle Cover.heic

Sex on A Plate

Mouthwatering Series

It's her time to follow her dreams.

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Just Desserts

Mouthwatering Series

A society wedding, a misbehaving mutt, and a double case of mistaken identity…


Perfect Pairing

Mouthwatering Series

When an overweight blogger and a fitness guru take each other on in a public challenge, they might both lose their hearts…

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