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A little romance, a few laughs. It's all good.


Food Fight!


Book One in the MOUTHWATERING series

She’s got something to prove. He’s got everything to lose. When the kitchen

gets heated, can two enemies whip up romance?

Charlie Heffernan longs to earn a place at the table. So the debt-laden chef is

delighted that even without a formal culinary education, she scores a spot on a hot

new reality cooking show. But she nearly boils over when she finds out the hunky

high school bully who betrayed her will be her fiercest competitor.

Drew Salinger still burns from the bad reviews. Hoping to help a friend with the

food truck program’s prize money, he’s desperate for a win after the humiliation of a

recent defeat… even if it means playing dirty with his adversary’s heart. But he fears

his cunning plan could backfire when he falls head-over-heels for his old nemesis.

With each dish Charlie serves alongside the charming rogue, she’s torn between

suspecting him of flirtation or out-and-out sabotage. And when a woman from

Drew’s past makes an untimely return, he worries his chances at both passion and

victory will go up in flames.

Can these bitter rivals find the recipe for the sweetest of loves?

Food Fight! is the lip-smacking first book in the Mouthwatering romantic comedy

series. If you like lighthearted antics, the power of friendship, and a dash of spice,

then you'll adore Thea Lambert’s tender tale.

Artisan Book Reviews had nothing but praise to sing for Lambert's debut novel. "It’s a truly creative, clever, fun and fantastic romantic comedy. Readers will be craving the sequel as soon as they turn the last page... It’s like watching a cooking show, but with a romance intertwined. It has a great thought-out and well written plot with passion and lots of exciting romantic tension (that readers can feel) and the whole story is excellently put together."

Note: Each book in the MOUTHWATERING series is a standalone story with its own HEA!

Sex On A Plate


Book Two in the MOUTHWATERING series

It’s her time to follow her dreams.

After years of postponing her desires to help those she loves, Lulah is ready to take the plunge, traveling the world and focusing on her art.

But a sexy and ambitious chef has other plans for her.

Des Jordan is talented, driven, and about to open his first restaurant. He wants Lulah to create a mural for the space. But the artist isn’t interested until Des makes her an offer that she’d be crazy to refuse.

Spending their days and nights together, Des and Lulah’s attraction to one another grows until it explodes into a night of passion. Neither is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship that might disrupt their ambitions, so they agree to a “friends with benefits” relationship while Lulah remains in town.

But what happens when their temporary arrangement begins to feel like something more?

Note: Each book in the MOUTHWATERING series is a standalone story with its own HEA!

Just Desserts

Just_Desserts_Kindle cover with series_author name.jpeg

Book Three in the MOUTHWATERING series

A society wedding, a misbehaving mutt, and a double case of mistaken identity…

Erin Flickenger is about to graduate from patisserie school. And the icing on the cake? She’s been hired to create a wedding cake and desserts for the upcoming nuptials of some Texas bluebloods. An order like this will assure her success in the Austin pastry world. But the bride’s brother Heath has his doubts about Erin’s ability to pull it all off and makes sure she knows it.

Meanwhile, a woman of his class, Danica, is after his affections. He’s always found her vain and shallow in person, but their recent text conversations reveal an unknown side to her that he likes a lot. It’s confusing. It’s like she’s two different people.

Because she is. Danica has hired Erin to help bake her way into a man’s stomach. But the text conversations Erin has with this man are now worming their way into her heart. When Erin discovers that she’s been texting with Heath, she’s shocked, ashamed…and on her way to falling irrevocably in love.

Note: Each book in the MOUTHWATERING series is a standalone story with its own HEA!

Perfect Pairing


Book Four in the MOUTHWATERING series

Willa Brandt refuses to let the world get her down. Spreading the message of curvy acceptance through her blog, the bold, big, and beautiful woman is happy to create a stir with her feisty op-ed piece. So when a gorgeous fitness guru argues her lifestyle is unhealthy, she jumps at the chance to prove the hunk’s claims are as false as a rigged scale.

Cade De Klerk works relentlessly everyday to maintain his wellbeing. Scarred by a brush with cancer as a teen, the gym owner is convinced being overweight is a liability and that the sassy writer is sharing dangerous misinformation. And when they’re pitted together in a public challenge, the competitive health nut is determined to make her sweat hard enough to reveal she’s totally out of shape. 

With her buried insecurities resurfacing as she faces mounting career pressure, Willa is surprised by how much she enjoys working with the toned jock. But Cade’s manic attachment to exercise in their cardio-crazy workouts leaves him unwilling to explore to the explosive chemistry crackling beneath the lycra.

Will they be defeated by BMI or find their way to HEA?

Note: Each book in the MOUTHWATERING series is a standalone story with its own HEA!

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