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A little romance, a few laughs. It's all good.

Just Desserts


Book Four in the MOUTHWATERING series

Willa Brandt refuses to let the world get her down. Spreading the message of curvy acceptance through her blog, the bold, big, and beautiful woman is happy to create a stir with her feisty op-ed piece. So when a gorgeous fitness guru argues her lifestyle is unhealthy, she jumps at the chance to prove the hunk’s claims are as false as a rigged scale. Cade De Klerk works relentlessly everyday to maintain his wellbeing. Scarred by a brush with cancer as a teen, the gym owner is convinced being overweight is a liability and that the sassy writer is sharing dangerous misinformation. And when they’re pitted together in a public challenge, the competitive health nut is determined to make her sweat hard enough to reveal she’s totally out of shape. With her buried insecurities resurfacing as she faces mounting career pressure, Willa is surprised by how much she enjoys working with the toned jock. But Cade’s manic attachment to exercise in their cardio-crazy workouts leaves him unwilling to explore to the explosive chemistry crackling beneath the lycra. Will they be defeated by BMI or find their way to HEA?

Note: Each book in the MOUTHWATERING series is a standalone story with its own HEA!

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